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Gruha Vaasthu Consultant Hyderabad
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Shri Venkata Krishnan is Consultant of Vaastu Shastra and Fengshui, Numerology, ESP, Reiki Healer (since 1994). He has learned these subjects under the guidance of many masters in South India. He has extensively traveled in Western India for rectification of Sick Industrial units, Commercial complexes, Residential Bungalows. He has been entitled the Honor of Karma Yogi (East-west university of Holistic Health Sciences, Missouri, USA) bringing the awareness about the shape and impact on Living things. He has been honored by Baroda Sanskrit Mahavidyala (M.S. University of Baroda) as space Therapist. Wrote many articles in Local News papers. The Author’s Main motto is bringing the peace in the Universe.
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