About KV Krishna

A Diploma Holder in Automobile Engineering, he is practioner of Vaastu & Fengshui, Numerology, Geopathic Services (since 1994). He has learned these subjects under the guidance of many masters in South India. He has extensively traveled in Western India for rectification of Sick Industrial units, Commercial complexes, Residential Bungalows. He has been entitled the Honor of Karma Yogi (East-west university of Holistic Health Sciences, Missouri, USA) bringing the awareness about the shape and impact on Living things. He has been honored by Baroda Sanskrit Mahavidyala (M.S. University of Baroda) as space Therapist. Wrote many articles in Local News papers. The Author’s Main motto is bringing the peace in the Universe.

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A house is guided by 3 principles: Stability, Balance, and Smoothness.

A house is guided by 3 characters: Harmony, Health Prosperity and good luck.

The real concept of Vaastu Shastra/Fengshui Designs: in Physical reality it gives psychological comfort.

The Chinese recognize that the planets Jupiter and Saturn greatly affect the patterns of the Magnetic Fields on the Earth, causing subtle magnetic shifts.

A dream time allows the collective Universe to help manifest your desires- keeping bed your suitable direction is so important.

If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. ( An Old Chinese Proverb)

The front door location is the primary factor in determining the directional energies.

The inherent energetic of a space are based upon the earth’s magnetic fields.

Long term exposure to electromagnetic energy often caused disease and misfortune.

After making your decisions, apply the cures, and set the intent with purposeful determination.

The success of an individual is also qualified by spatial position and location to other individual.

Beams, slanted wall or ceilings and sharp angles may sometimes make a space feel oppressive.

If the shadow cuts the house at significant times of the day, it may affect the relationship of the occupant.

Narrow corridors constrict and limit.

Place a Telephone which has a metal bell ring in a corner of your home where the chi (Life force) is stagnant can be activated by the pleasant sound.

The sound waves you generate inside your body can vibrate your internal organs, effectively giving them an internal message.

Recent research from Montpellier University France also suggests that exposure to EMF’s increases the risk of Fatigue, Sore Eyes, Headache, lack of Concentration, irritability, Backache and more seriously , cancer.

The Earth is girded with electromagnetic currents from the Earth it self, referred to as telluric lines.

Cats are excellent dowsers.
Children, who are sleeping in the curry in particulars, will have nightmares.

If you are having insect problems in your garden and your plant are obviously under stress, find out what is wrong?

Wooden flooring is ideal for a room in the east or southeast of your home.

Make the play rooms more stimulating with bright green, red and Yellows.


Plants generate helps to counter radiation.

There is a purposeful selection of a site relative to where it is positioned on Earth.

Unlike modern Scientists, however, early scientists did not limit their perception to what could be proven.

Pythagoras added humanitarian factors to his scientific discovery.

A Mandala is life circle, literally translated from Sanskrit, it means circle or centre.

The soul has also been described as the collective consciousness by on the Pioneers of Psychotherapy, Carl Gustav Jung. (Jami Lin, Earth Design).

The Square and Circles are metaphors fro the equilibrium between heaven and Earth.

The Egyptians understood that “the earth acts just like the human body in having subtle and gross energies crossing its surface and interior, and that blockages produce illness while free flow energy leads to health.

Spiral staircase, they tend to be a hazard, make the best use of the geometry of a space because they require the minimum square footage.

Geomagnetism is the Science that deals with the effects of the earth’s magnetic and electric forces. (Jami Lin)

Ley lines are the essential structures of the etheric body of the Earth Spirit (Jami Lin, Fengshui Today)

The Earth’s electrical field reaches its maximum between the third quarter and full moon, these conditions affects the human body through its oxygen metabolic rate. It also directly affects grater bodily activity, which caused the viscosity index of blood and lymph fluid to decline.

In the cardiac system of a human being, there is an electromagnetic cycle which sets off the actual muscle contractile cells of the heart itself.

The relationship of the environmental design and human energy: they inherently align with the planetary influence of earth magnetism.

“Once I went to a man’s home and warned him NOT to sleep in a certain spot. He thought I was a fool. Twelve years later, he died of cancer.” ---Ernst Hartmann, M.D.
If your cat loves your bed – MOVE your bed!”

Children sleeping in GS do not thrive, and are often hyperactive and allergic, including asthma and eczema. They may bed wet, have learning difficulties at school or behavioral problems.
Earth is effectively the same as our bodies; consisting mostly of water with energy channels called meridians. When one of these channelbecomes clogged it puts these blocked meridians are found everywhere. When they run underneath a house it can have devastating effects morpressure on the rest of the system, and interrupts the flow and causes stress and disease

Lawns will often betray bare patches, moss, silver weed and fungi, while vegetable gardens will reveal stunted or mutated growth, especially along the edge lines of the black streams If you have a Geopathic stress line running through your bed, it's disrupting the natural flow of energy in your body all night long.

Geopathic stress lines in a business, such as a retail store or office, affects not only the people who work there but also the customers and clients

The earth has a multitude of natural and manufactured objects that disrupt the natural form of this energy field and create lines of energy called "Geopathic stress Geomancy allows us to enhance the benefits of positive grids and reduce the effects of harmful ones Fruit and vegetables, grain, ale, cheese, jam; wine and photographic film will all spoil quickly when stored on a black stream.

Geopathic stress affects all living things, including plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers... everything Hartmann Grid, so is not under every home.

EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere (Ex: Mobile communications) some common forms of EMR are; TV and Radio waves, Microwaves, Radar, X -rays etc.

EMF radiate from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, in cars, trucks and buses, also overhead tram and train lines.

Electromagnetic fields interfere with the movement of oxygen at a cellular level

The Cosmic energy enters the door from up to 1’6” height and the earth energy enters in alignment with ground, which, in its Original form, is dynamic. The Horizontal floor member of Chaukat converts this dynamic energy into static energy which is then in consonance with the static built environment.

One distinctive feature about brain: The human brain is a multi channel holographic biocomputer. Thermo information theory can measure on channel of the awareness in the brain. Brain waves – Octaves below musical octaves.

Full moon Madness can occur when as excess of fluid accumulates in the skull, causing some of us to feel increased levels of passion, anxiety, and tension.

Those who live in the mountain regions tend to be more stubborn, loyal, and honest like a mountain, those people are unmovable and steadfast in their values. Those of us who live near water, on the other hand, tend to go with the flow.

'The Nei Ching states that 'The entire universe is an oscillation of the forces of Yin and Yang.'... In terms of medicine, the interaction of Yin and Yang is the basis of the energy pervading and activating the body, and an imbalance in the relative amounts of Yin and Yang energy Is seen as the root of all pathology" (The Holistic Health Handbook, pp. 47-50).

Energy is affected by shape, color, smell, lighting temperature and all tangible objects. One distinctive feature about mind: The human brain is a multichannel holographic biocomputer. Thermo information theory can measure on channel of the awareness in the brain. Brain waves – Octaves below musical octaves.

North Magnetic resonance gives healing powers to the humans and all animals.
South magnetic resonance give/elevates the inner strength and spirits.
East solar (sun rays) radiation enhances the life/metabolism.

West Solar (heat) radiation gives relaxation to our used energy for our daily activities. NE (Positive) (North-magnetic/East-solar) resonance gives psychic elevation, which enhances the knowledge (neurological) and IQ.

SW (Negative) (South-magnetic) (West Solar) Magnetic resonance gives the stabilize attitudes and relaxation in our inner emotional behaviors. SE (South-Magnetic) (East-solar) solar radiation elevates our inner desires to fight in the society.

NW (North-magnetic) (West-Solar) cosmic radiations enhance out creativity, the quality our living conditions, relationships in the Society. Central (Open space) court yard has been integrated into the life and relationship of the people, our health/vitality.

All the directional influences/velocity of force is concentre/trawel to the centre of the buildings, if we cant design the central court yard then the telluric currents penetrates to the walls of the building hence create the geostress.