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Feng means Air

One of the most direct and powerful ways to connect with the Spirit of Air is through winds, which are continually blowing across our planet.

When you go out of doors, notice the movement of Air across your skin. The Current of air always bring freshness and a sense of vitality, the winds were Messengers sent by the powers of the four directions, and that they carried information from the sacred realms.

When you open windows and let the wind blow through your home, smell the Air sense it. It will quickly clear out any stagnant energy and leave the air cleansed and full of the energy of nature.

Air is sound, Air is Oxygen. Air is life. The spirit of Air is a powerful way to connect deeply with the world.

Shui means Water

We begin life in water and we are universally drawn to its soothing, cleansing, healing, joy giving qualities. We have to hydrate our bodies with water; there is perhaps also an etheric Memory stored with in our genetic imprinting that connects us to all water and reinforces our yearning to meld with it.

Some societies worshiped the spirit of the water, and certain water were believed to contain healing properties one well known example of this is India’s holy River, the Ganges (ganga) that is revered by millions of Hindu Pilgrims who bathe in its water everyday to cleanse and purify themselves Spiritually.

Under-ground water veins on earth

Underground water has naturally occurring salts and minerals and is therefore a perfect carrier of the electric and magnetic fields, which form part of the radiation.

Always remember that underground rivers and streams just like above ground rivers and streams do not usually run in straight lines. A tree will lean in the direction of water, the branches will always point down to the ground (rather heavily) where there is underground water.

Feng Shui is a process of alignment which lifts the extra burden and obstacles that prevent us from getting to our personal wishes and desires It attempts to remove that sense of “ Swimming against the current as your pursue your goals of relationships, happiness, health and prosperity.

Fengshui does not claim to cause miracles, but I have personally witness many wonderful and empowering changes in the lives of many individuals – Nancy Santo Pietro, Fengshui Expert

Sl.No Problem Direction Colour Enhancement Room
1 . Unemployment / getting good job North Black / Ash. Hang Artwork. Kitchen Room
2 . To increase the wealth Southeast Purple Keep plant or Red bulb. Living Room
3 . To increase the reputation / Social status. South Red Hang Red color curtains. Kitchen Room
4 . For delaye marriage of female children. South-West Pink Hang Marriage hotographs Bed Room
5 . To mitigate family disputes East Green Burn green color candles. Living Room
6 . To Purchase the vehicles Northwest Grey Hang the type of vehicle you need. Living Room
7 . Difficulty time to conceiving West Pink / rose Hang picture of beautiful kids. Bed Room
8 . To increase spiritual activities. Northeast Purple Hang picture of your favorite deity Living room