Geopathic Services

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Geopathic stress is the natural vibration rises up through the earth and it distorted by weak electromagnetic field created by certain mineral concentration, fault lines and underground cavities. The vibration disturbed in this way become harmful to living organisms.

The Geopathic stress does not cause any illness it weakens the body’s immune system. Sleeping on the Geopathic stress line will affects the health patterns of the human body.

Locating the Geopathic stress lines.

Grounding them so they no longer penetrate your home, place of business, garden, or any place that you want to have clean, healthy energy.

Sick Building Syndrome

(SBS) causes the stress in our environment. The symptoms of SBS are strained relationships in home and in business dealings, physical tiredness in lesser time, incurable diseases, depression, disharmony In fellow members of the family, no occupation in newly constructed flats, court litigation sites, hatred ness, miscarriages and impatience. People living or working in buildings over these negative energy places can suffer a range of physical and psychological disorders including headaches, dizziness and general disorientation, digestive problems, allergies, susceptibility to infection and an inability to concentrate. The concentration of negative energy also often attracts various bad dreams, and weird happenings.

Symptoms of Geopathic stress / (sbs) sick building symdrome

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Sick building syndrome and they estimated 30% of houses, hotels, institutions and Industrial premises has sick building syndrome.

Symptoms of (SBS) Sick Building syndrome are : -

Children feel always unrest and are very hyperactive.
Feeling always tired.

Low energy in structures – employees feel always tension and absenteeism, - no co-ordination between them.

Allergy symptoms.
Chronic migraine, incurable diseases. ME (post viral fatigue syndrome), mental disorders.

Constipation & indigestion, pernnial hangover.
Back pain is very often due to SBS.

Cures : - There is much that can be done to remove SBS, can be divided to two types: Shielding and curative.

A screen wall with an undulating ridge.

Protection and countermeasure should set up to neutralize the negative forces.

Types of countermeasures : -


  • Reflectors
  • Absorbers
  • Deflectors
  • Bouncers
  • Blockers

Protection is very important factors in Vastu/Fengshui of a location. Creating a row of plants/trees.Constructing a fence and 3’ feet height wall.

Reflectors : -

Reflectors send the destructive effect back to the harmful object. (Small objects with small mirror, large mirror to reflect a large structure.).

Absorbers : -

Absorbers are design to absorb destructive object and prevent it from spreading(Ex:-A sand pit can be positioned to counter the effect of an antenna that is pointing down form a hill top).

Deflectors : -

Deflectors are designed to redirect the path of destructive energy away from the building such as mirrors (Be careful while placing deflectors it can send destructive energy to Neighboring house and harm the occupants).

Bouncers : -

Bouncers are designed to bounce the effect of harmful structures away from the building. (A bouncer includes – coil springs, a baseball bat or boxing gloves pictures of these objects).

Blockers : -

Blockers are designed to stop an incoming destructive effect and prevent it from entering Windows with permanent shutters are the most common kind of blocker.