Want to know more about Numerology, Curious to know About Numerology ?

The study of the occult meanings of numbers and their supposed influence on human life. Numbers surround us universally and we even speak numbers you are number 1(magical), 2 (cooperation) heads are better than 1(independence), or 3(scattered) is a crowd so naturally we would be inquisitive and curious as to what is Numerology, when did it begin, and how can I best utilize Numerology in my daily life.

Historians recorded that some of our ancestors such as Pythagoras a 6th century BC philosopher and mathematician concluded that mathematics unlocked the doors to all mysteries of the universe. He said that the substance of all being was a number and that all associations including abstract concepts like justice could be interpreted numerically. These principles and beliefs support numerology’s fundamental interpretations.

Numerology can add to your life by allowing you to uplift your expanding consciousness, enrich your existing resources, and increase your life options. Learning more about yourself and understanding the challenges and gifts that are bestowed upon you, grants you the increased perceptions and foresight to make better choices and decisions.