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The author, Mr. KV Krishna is a Diploma Holder in Automobile Engineering by profession, Born in the year 1960 State of Karnataka he has deep faith in God. After completion of his studies, he started practicing vaastu, Fengshui, Numerology, ESP under the guidance of Dr. Poomachandra Rao, Dr. M.V. Subba Rao (Numerologist), and Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi in South India.

He has been doing research in the field of Vaastu Science and Technology for the past 14 years, he also wrote many articles related to Vaastu & Fenshui, which carried the knowledge of Vaastu Shastra and deliberations thereof. He realized that although the basic principles of Vaastu Shastra confirm to the findings of modern sciences, he has made remarkable contributions in the field of Vaastu and Fenshui and has made rounds in national and international levels.

After gathering sufficient experience, he wrote a book SOUND SLEEP. He has presented this book with a objective to understand Vaastu in a better manner. There are unfortunately many Vaastu books published on the Vaastu Shastra leading to various apparent misunderstandings.

In this Modern World the pace of life is so fast that there is a geat deal of stress and pressure on people these days. The aim of writing this book is to create a peaceful, healing environment that supports growth and protects from pollution and geopathic stress for both businesses and individuals and Vaastu has nothing to do with religion or one's beliefs in God.

He encourages people to understand that if your home/business is not properly Vaastu synchronized, and then your health and material wealth will slowly decrease in quality. Nature is not going to come and tell you personally to fix your place according to Vaastu. Vaastu gudies us to align our houses, offices and factories, i.e. the places where we live or work along the direction of flow of these energies, in order to make nature's forces harmonious for us, rather than oppose us, which keeps us in good health and a strong positive state of mind ultimately resulting in harmony, peace, success and prosperity. He has got honored of being one of the Best Vaastu Consultants, who worked for the concept of cost-prohibitive for a large number of people.

He is a vibrant researcher, architect, philosopher of the traditional art and architecture of India and is quite optimistic that one day Vaastu science will be a major influence in the world. His research on the works world of modern science and technology.

My hearty thanks to all my readers and well-wishers.

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