Want to know more about your, Vaastu, Curious to know About Vaastu ?

Vaastu Shastra deals with space designing, malefic benefic aspects, and orientation of the building exterior arrangements matching in according to the laws (elemental forces) of nature.

In Vaastu Architecture, the offering is for the enhancement of collective consciousness for the inspiration of the people who inhabit the built space, and the act of offering a thing beauty, sublimation and self-knowledge. There is no infinite limitation in Vaastu and what is required today is an understanding of the concepts so that infinite ways of Employing them in changing contexts may be experimented by the Designers and promoters.

Vaastu is basically a pure science of structures and it discusses the energy field that develops because of the shape of structure and the way the doors and windows are placed.

Vaastu is a characteristic of the structure. Whoever resides in the structure are the recipients of the effects.

Note :

  • We can predict the vaastu problems in Land Plots, Consctructed Houses or any commercial Complex, troubles through the natal chart (one who owns the house) and specific directions to be rectified on the basis of their horoscope.
  • Regarding Vaastu construction Time of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Birth are necessary