Sound Sleep - Author Speaks

"Vaastu" the word sounds good and energetic for some people and allergetic for some other people. In the present scenario there are unfortunately large amount of tainted writings on the subject Vaastu, leading to various apparent misunderstandings. In my view, any book which gives wisdom is priceless, but it should not misguide the readers.

In my Voyage as a Vaastu Consultant, I have been faced different people with different vaastu related problems. My inner feeling of distress is how people are facing the vaastu related problems which remains sorrowful.

In my experience as a Vaastu Consultant, I have met lot of architects and many conflicted arguments have also been held among us intended to vaastu designs. But once when they follow my Vaastu designs, their experiences gives new energy and made me feel joyous.

Most of the people are giving importance to designing the structures (top of the land), but my feelings remain regretful that no one is observing the impact of power of electro magnetic energy happening below the ground level of the land. In the above vital context finding the "Geopathic Stress" is very interesting phenomena.

I have been worked with many of intelligent scholars like Dr. Mannem Murthy (Scientist), H.M. Saleem (Architect), Shri. Narendar Singh Pyravaastu & Pyramidologist, MR. Subhash Khot (Jai singhpur) Vaastu Consultant) has made me much happier and competent.

Today I am here in this position, prominently only with the blessings of Dr. Poorna Chandra Rao Garu, Dr. M.V. Subba Rao Garu ( Numerologist) and Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi Garu.

I welcome constructive comments from all the readers and masters on how we can further improve by following the guidelines provided by my book for wider global applications. In this way we can all help to create a greater acceptance of this discipline and promote a healthier and more successful environment for all to live in this beautiful planet.

During the course of writing this book, I had much encouragement from my wife, Meera and my childern's Dheeraj and Kartikeya and I appreciate their moral support.

I convey my heartly wishes to all my family members who had given me their golden hand for my success.

Yours Sincerely,